I’m Brian, a physics teacher and I want to be better at it.

My physics courses (honors and AP C: Mechanics) are built on a modeling instruction approach. My engineering course is a work in progress, but I’ve begun porting modeling ideas into it.

This year, I’m implementing standards based grading in my physics classes. The “normal” assessments and grading methods have always left my students and I unsure about what they know. I think standards based grading is going to change that.

Outside of school, I’m a big nerd. I read comics, play games, like to climb things, and think about teaching physics.



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  2. Hi Brian,

    I am entering my 3rd year of teaching AP Physics C in a few weeks and have been desperately seeking ideas for a complete overhaul of the course. The past 2 years have just been me struggling to keep up and this year I’d really like to attempt to cover both Mechanics and E&M if the students are on board for the pace. Anyway, I’ve been to a modeling workshop and use the essence of modeling as much as possible given curriculum restraints in 1st year physics. I’m fairly certain that I read a post or comment of yours at one time outlining the models you use in your AP Physics course, and I was hoping you wouldn’t mind sharing them with maybe some suggestions for any particular paradigm/deployment labs you like. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,
    Amanda Powell
    PreAP & AP Physics C Teacher
    Leander, TX

    1. Hi Amanda,

      I just so happen to be reworking my AP Physics C: Mechanics course right now. My school offers the course as a second year of physics, with most students having completed a year of honors physics with a modeling focus. Let me pull my thoughts together and put something up here.

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