Month: February 2014

Standards-Based Grading: NCGE Presentation

Tomorrow, my colleagues and I will be presenting a session at the National Conference on Girls’ Education. Our session is titled “Bet on the Yet! Promoting a Growth Mindset” and it consists of four of us taking about 15 minutes to discuss methods we have developed within our classrooms that promote growth mindsets among our students. I’ll be discussing standards-based grading which I feel has had a sizable effect on how my students view themselves as learners. This is a version of the presentation we gave at the 21st Century Athenas Symposium through the Center for Research on Girls at Laurel School.

Rather than printing numerous copies of the one-sheet to hand out, I’m posting the handout here. Hopefully folks from the NCGE conference that want to start researching SBG will give it a look, as it contains links to a number of great resources that informed my adoption and use of standards-based grading. In time, I hope to include posts about working through the adoption of SBG and the versions I’ve gone through.