Modeling Workshop – Day Four

I don’t have a lot to write about today. The entire morning was spent working on our unit. We’re making good progress and have compiled a list of learning objectives (aka standards), matched them to the AP standards since Ohio doesn’t seem to care if your kids know why things rotate, and knocked out two assessments. Today’s article discussion continued the theme of alternative problems/assessments with the focus on ranking tasks. I like these a lot and we’ve incorporated a ranking task activity into our unit involving bars like these. I’m going to build cheaper ones though. There was a good discussion around the placement of the explanation portion of ranking tasks from a suggestion that students be prompted before the ranking portion of the exercise to engage them with the idea first.

Eventually, we have to come up with two alternate problems to present and include in our unit, so I think the other one is going to be a goal-less problem. I’ve wanted to try these since I first read about them on here and here. They appear to have originated from Paul D’Alessandris (ref), but I can’t find much literature on them. In particular, I like that as students develop a wider array of knowledge, you can revisit older problems and see what additional layers they add to them.

Tomorrow is a short day and then I’m driving back home for the weekend, so I’m not sure if I’ll be posting. I do have some thoughts on the whole Khan Academy firestorm and I’d still like to tell my pseudoteaching story, so maybe I’ll try tackling one of those this weekend. Thanks to everyone for reading this week!


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