Showing Growth

Just today two things happened that prompted me to write down this idea.

First, Phil Cook (@cookp) tweeted the following:

If you ever have student groups frustrated with their progress in #science, show them this clip by @PRI ‘s Ir… (cont)

This occurred on the same day that I asked my juniors if they thought they would find benefit in seeing work that their teacher’s did in high school or college.

Both the video and that conversation have me thinking about how teachers might be able to use their own, old work to show students the development of subject mastery over time. I wouldn’t want it to be a vehicle for ridicule, just as sharing student work isn’t. But I think there is something to be gained by letting our students see that we were not always sages of science and the wittiest writers (oh, how I envy English teachers!). By sharing our own growth with them, perhaps we can help them to recognize what they can achieve themselves.


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